Quaternary stratigraphy of the Lower Mississippi Valley

I begin investigating the Quaternary geology of the Lower Mississippi Valley while working for the Louisiana Geological Survey and conducting my graduate research in geology at Louisiana State University. My research in this region deals mostly with century to millennia scale landscape evolution. My primary interests include

The photograph below compares backswamp soils from Holocene (top) and Pleistocene (bottom) core samples.  The cross section compares the stratigraphy of Holocene and Pleistocene flood plain deposits.


profile diagrams

Geomorphology and stratigraphy of western New York

Since moving to western New York,  I began working on surficial geologic mapping at SUNY Brockport.  This program provides students an opportunity to learn glacial stratigraphy. My present activities and interests include
The photograph below shows how we conduct field work on  stratified sands formed in a lacustrine delta. 


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